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Keeping Hawaii Local

Hi-Skil Communications Corporation is a woman owned Hawaii business enterprise prepared to serve the wide-ranging engineering, installation and testing needs for your projects.

With our broad-based experience, detailed knowledge, and commitment to providing exceptional services, Hi-Skil Communications is invaluable in actually implementing projects precisely to your specifications. Our wide range of experience with flow monitoring, power monitoring, networked systems monitoring, rail systems monitoring, physical security monitoring as well as validation, calibration, and drone inspection services will benefit your organization with a single point of contact for your project implementation, remediation, maintenance and upgrade needs.

Working with our experienced team to provide the specific scope of engineering, surveying, installation and testing services for both utilities and industrial clients.provide off-the-shelf solutions for the industrial automation, power distribution, communications and environmental monitoring markets.

Create a Brilliant Project Platform by having our Hawaii local team calibrate and tune your existing instrumentation or SCADA system.



Hi-Skil Communications is able to provide full service integration of the infrastructure supporting the growth of the telecommunications and information technology industries. We are prepared to design, procure, integrate and implement solutions. Hi-Skil provides round the clock fiber optic network outage splicing services and have successfully performed tasks as a first tier subcontractor and an equal partner in this emerging technology field.

We not only provide complete installation of fiber and copper cables we also test and certify the installation in accordance with customer or industry standards. This includes connectivity, resistance, and impedance matching testing. Fiber optic cable testing includes OTDR, power meter measurements, polarized modeling, and chromatic dispersion testing.


At Hi-Skil Communications, we understand the importance of information and getting clear, accurate data in a timely manner. A SCADA system implemented by Hi-Skil will provide advanced visualization and data monitoring from multiple systems and components.

Our complete suite of services includes computer systems, networking systems, control systems, databases and software. Standard features that include alarm notification and recording, data storage and trending, operator-human machine interface (HMI), and custom reporting.


Hi-Skil Communications offers our customers the widest range of support for specification, design, installation and maintenance for leading names and brands of instrumentation manufacturers. Vendor certified and experienced working primarily with Hawaii, California, and Nevada we are willing and able to work nationwide.

We offer complete services for your instrumentation needs that range from simple calibration to onsite troubleshooting that can help keep your processes running smoothly.

We will modify our instrumentation services for you from simple process monitoring to advanced integrated process control.


Last Mile Wireless Communications

Inspections and Audits



Fiber & Structured Cabling OSP/ISP

Engineering Services

Network Monitoring and Support

Fiber Optic Network Outage Support


EV Charging Stations

CCTV, Thermal Imagery

Sewer and Wastewater

Fresh Water



Utilities and Industry need experience because their customers depend on them to deliver reliable service. Hi-Skil Communications provides both cutting edge technology and expertise to provide projects products and services that survive the depths of sewer systems to high voltage sub-stations.

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